Some Achievements of Dennis P McCann

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Art is a manifestation of culture. It keeps evolving with time and every period has a style of art which is specific to that era only. Art can also be understood as an organic phenomenon which is ever changing through a dynamic process. Music, dance, sculpture, drama, painting, and even service providers such as wedding planners and photographers are all forms of art that carry the essence of life in one way or another. However, art would stagnate in the absence of artists who push themselves to innovate new ways to develop any given art form. Their constant efforts are the reason that society is familiar with various forms of the same art. Further, artists do not merely develop art that people can marvel about; some of them may voice their opinions about the evils of society or question the prevalent norms through their work. It can influence a large group of people in the most civilized manner.

Art Comes In Many Different Forms

Dennis P McCann is an American sculptor, painter and printmaker, well known in the category of pop artists. He was born in 1961 and hails from Chicago, Illinois. He had his first art exhibition at the age of fourteen and received education from the Governor’s State University; where he received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, and the University of Illinois. His work features in many museums and galleries in America and Europe. He also holds prominent positions of an academic professor in three Turkish Universities. His work is recognized around the world and his popularity has led to the filming of two documentaries based on him.

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A Few words About Dennis P McCann

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About Dennis P McCannWhen art is being discussed in some conversations, it is expected to mention pop art as a subcategory. And when people talk about pop art, they are likely to mention the versatile unrivaled Dennis McCann. Perhaps you, dear reader, happen to know at least some of his achievements, and perhaps you have no idea who this talent is. The following few lines represent an introductory information about this artist and person, which may evoke your curiosity for further research on purpose of getting to know about him better.

This American talent was born in Chicago in 1961. He is famous for being a painter and sculptor, and is known to have started his hobby of drawing since the age of three. It is also interesting to know that he had had his very first art exhibition at a really early age – fourteen. His work is currently featured in a plenty of European and American museums and galleries. McCann is so popular in his field that two documentaries have been so far created about him.

It is noteworthy to mention that, this artist is academic too; having attended the University of Illinois and the Governor’s State University, and received his Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the latter. Besides, he has a prominent position of an academic professor, which he acquired after moving to Turkey. He was holding that position in three Turkish universities. McCann is currently married to Fatma Gülnar, who is also a Turkish artist. His transfer from one community to another has significantly influenced him professionally and intellectually, creating realistic artworks that speak for the reality, and expressing his perspectives and orientations which have been deemed controversial.



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